Wedding Trends

Top Trends for Weddings.

This Year is putting on the glitz for the year ahead:

It’s a move towards sophistication, For example: Planning an outdoor event with crystal
on the table, and gold silverware and chargers.

Black tie will be playing a huge role and full-length gowns for everybody.

Look for modern ways to interpret the classic feel, like cream suede table linens edged
with pink welting.

The welting gives a tailored look and makes the table skirt flow out like a ballgown.
And the suede just feels ultra luxurious.

The palette that pairs with the new formal weddings will be Neutral, neutral, neutral.
Grey and taupe with pops of black and layers of blush will be big.

Neutral decor will be in the order of the day

Candles has always been a major presence at weddings, but this year, look for them in
showstopping chandeliers.

Incorporate chandeliers into your design, especially in tents.

Chandelier - An eclectic approach that is taking hold whih is combining natural
outdoorsy details with elegant elements.

Use grey leather lounge furniture, tree stumps as coffee tables and antler chandeliers
over the tables.

This Year trends may be ultra-elegant, but they won’t get too serious. A trend still going
strong is the playful photo booth.

Bring in a booth or have the photographer set up a backdrop with perhaps different
patterned fabrics that can be exchanged

Low-slung couches are still in the picture, but this year will see more inventive furniture like
swings outside to replace where a typical chair would go.

The wild-card trend of the year: Camping.
It started with a star-studded weddings, and now brides are loving the idea of a grown-up
summer camp—hence the new term - glamping.

Brides are using the tents as part of the reception where you can have a tent with books
and bourbon Or a kids tent.

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