Reception Ideas

Wedding Reception Ideas

There is no little lady whom has not dreamed of her wedding day with a perfect picture in her mind on how it is supposed to be.

Reality is that when  we get to the point of investigating and planning the occasion we become shocked at how expensive everything is.

The confusion an frustration of wanting everything to be perfect but wondering how it is all to be financed.

A wedding should not put you in debt. Debt is not a good way to start life with your loved one.

The reception can be the most expensive part of your wedding;

the location rental,

the food,

the alcohol and other beverages,

the DJ or band,

the flowers,

the place settings, etc., etc.

There are a few ways to cut costs, let's look at a few of these.

It is your reception; do not worry about pleasing your guests, is your day and they are there to make it more special. I cannot recall any of the weddings we have been to ever being tasteless or tacky.Who would make a point of critically looking at how extravagant and expensive or not the decorations or centerpieces are,that is not why guests are invited.

The easiest way to cut the expense of your reception is to cut out extras.

Unless you can get a great package deal that includes most of everything, you don’t need all of them anyway.

You can choose to have your reception earlier in the day so you don’t have to provide guests with dinner. You can have hour devours and finger foods along with your wedding cake, see the article of catering which expands on this matter some.

You can skip the alcohol or just have the champagne toast and pre-drinks to make everyone at ease.

Another winning option is by having a cash bar, let guests pay for their own alcohol while you provide juice, tea, coffe etc. If some guests wish to engulge in alchoholic beverages then they are welcome to do it at their own cost and they will not think less of the occasion, at least you provided for their need and they shall be ever thankful for it.

If you really want to have a dinner reception check with the management at the venue, if they are worth their salt they will have shortlists of caterers and whichever other service you may need. They would have seen and experienced numerous service providers and will have them listed to suit pocket and taste, obviously the quality factor is something the venue folk should be fussy about to ensure their reputation and your occasion enjoy praise and are complimented by excellent service.

Reconsider the fancy linen tablecloths, china, and silverware settings, again the venue folk will be able to advise on what is available to suit your pocket and taste. Some folk even consider paper plates and plastic cutlery, that's up to you, just check with the venue management as they would probably have certain standards if they have any concern on presenting something of quality.

As far as entertainment is concerned, ask the venue people as they would have ideas to choose from. Any worthwhile venue will also have equipmment for rent, just remember that these items will then  be of high quality and abuse and/or breakage of such can be embarrasing and costly. The best would be if you compile your music list and play it via a laptop through their system if you do not have a budget for a DJ or band.

One very important item to remember is to arrange for a microphone for the necessary speeches and broadcasts during the ceremony/reception, cordless would be best to prevent being limited to a certain area and any trip-accident.

Be creative when planning your wedding and reception and find ways to cut costs.

Remember it is your wedding and you are paying for it to be special, your guests are there to enjoy your day with you.